Saturday, 8 February 2014

My Way (Rou)

     Am ajuns aici. Maine am Coborarea Olimpica. Antrenorul meu imi povesteste mereu cum se fac lucrurile in Austria. Educatia care o primesc sportivii. Totul se face pas cu pas. Absolut totul. Inclusiv competitiile. FIS - Cupa Europei - Cupa Mondiala - Olimpiada. 99% dintre sportivi fac asta. Cu exceptia care confirma regula. Nu ma intelegeti gresit, nu este o scuza. Nici pe aproape. Sunt in acea elita de 50 de oameni care maine isi vor da drumul in Coborare. Chiar numarul 50. Misto. Pentru cei ce nu cunosc foarte bine ce inseamna proba de Coborare, asta este: O sa va arat si o poza de la al doilea antrenament de coborare, cel de ieri. Cea mai mare cazatura de pana acuma. Cam 130 km/h aveam.

     Multumesc tuturor pentru sustinere. Trebuie sa fiu sincer. Ieri 7/2/2014 am deschis facebookul si am fost coplesit. Coplesit de mesaje de la oameni care ii cunosteam si oameni care nu. Foarte multe. Incredibil. Asa ca am inchis internetul. Conteaza extraordinar de mult pentru mine acest suport fantastic. O sa raspund la toata lumea (si pe what's upp) dupa ce termin cu cursa de maine. Trebuie sa am capul limpede.

     Cursa va fi in direct pe TVR 2 de la ora 9:00.

     You'll Never Walk Alone.

My way

     So it has come to this. Tomorrow I am racing in the Olympic Downhill. My coach always tells me about how they do things in Austria, the education of the athletes. Step by step. I am talking about everything, all the aspects. Competitions are not excluded. FIS - Europa Cup - World Cup - Olympics. 99 percent of them do this. But I don't have a choice. For me its FIS - Olympics. It is not a excuse by any stretch of the imagination. I am in the elite 50 racers who are starting tomorrow. Numer 50. Cool. For those of you who do not know what I do, here it is: I will also post a picture that was yesterday in the second Downhill training. First big crash of my life. Fun. I had about 130 km/h.

     I thank everybody for all the support. I have to be honest. Last night 7/02/2014 when I opened Facebook I was overwhelmed by all the messages I got from all the people following me. So I closed my internet. I am not used with this kind of attention. Amazing. I will open and answer to all the messages once my race is done tomorrow.

     Live on TVR 2 from 9:00 Romanian time. I am number 50. I feel your support.

     You'll Never Walk Alone.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Hinterstoder SG

     Yesterday (17.12) the organizers decided to make 2 Super-G races to start off the races in Hinterstoder with. For me it was not a good day result wise but a good one learning wise. In the first run I was out because I got the wrong line. I did not work enough during the course etc etc. In the second one I corrected was needed to be corrected but unfortunately my ski went off. The binding was set on 17 (170 kg). There was this really important turn where the pressure needed to be stronger than normal. So I did. I guess my ski did not like it so much. Flew right off and I had a spectacular fall at about aprox. 90-80 km/h I would say. But no problem. I was fine, not a scratch. It is actually quite fun to fall when it ends well :). Confident about the Downhill in the next days. My number today was 86 out of 130.

     Ieri (16.12) organizatorii cursei de la Hinterstoder au decis sa inceapa cu 2 concursuri de Super G. Pentru mine nu a fost bun rezultatul dar experianta pretioasa. In prima mansa am iesit din traseu dupa mai multe greseli, nu am fost pe linia buna astfel m-a scos din traseu. A doua a fost mai bine, am corectat ce era de corectat fata de prima insa la un viraj unde presiunea trebuia sa fie mai mare mi-a sarit schiul. Legaturile erau stranse la 17 (170 kg). Am avut o cazatura spectaculoasa (din ce mi s-a spus, eu nu m-am simtit foarte spectaculos) cam la 80-90 km/h insa am scapat fara nici o zgarietura. Sa fiu sincer cazaturile imi plac cat timp se evita accidentarile :). Sunt increzator in legatura cu Coborarile ce vor urma. Numarul meu astazi a fost 86 din 130.

Val Gardena

   First race. Kind of. 2 Super G and 2 Super Combined in Val Gardena (ITA). The result was not good, quite bad to be honest. But no problem, that’s what first races are for. Get a grip of the slope, get back in the racing state of mind. I truly learned a lot from this race. In the end I must say I am satisfied with the overall experience. Now it is on. Next race: Hinterstoder, Austria (17-20.12). The place where me and downhill first met J, same time last year.

   Primul concurs. Oarecum. 2 Super-G si 2 Super Combinate in Val Gardena (ITA). Rezultatul nu a fost bun, ba chiar rau. Dar nu este problema, pentru asta sunt primele concursuri. Familiarizeaza partia cat poti de mult, intra in atmosfera de concurs. Am invatat multe lucruri din aceasta cursa si pot spune ca sunt multumit cu rezultatul overall din aceste 2 zile. Gata, a inceput. Urmatoarea cursa: Hinterstoder, Austria (17-20.12). Locul unde am facut cunostinta cu Coborarea J, anul trecut pe vremea asta.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


   Este timpul sa ma spovedesc. In momentul in care l-am ales pe domnul Hans Frick sa imi fie antrenor nu stiam foarte bine cine este, ce rezultate a avut, de ce este in stare. M-am gandit ca pare un om bun si ar trebui sa incercam, sa vedem ce se intampla. Intre timp, in aceste 2 luni jumatate am aflat tot ce era de aflat. Oamenii cu adevarat valorosi nu se dau mari. Plec capul in fata sa. Nu exista o cale mai buna.  Este foarte pasionat de schi alpin si de rezultate, sa faca ceva din nimic. Cu mine spre exemplu. Ce antrenor de top din Austria ar lua un roman de 23 de ani, fara o tehnica de baza, care cunoaste schiul mai putin decat un junior de 15 ani din Austria, incercand sa ajunga cu el in Cupa Mondiala intr-o buna zi? Apropo, fara sa il intereseze banii. Pe zi ce trece imi dau seama din ce in ce mai mult cat de norocos sunt ca Georg si Hans m-au acceptat in echipa lor, oferindu-mi astfel conditii de care nu a avut parte un roman de foarte multa vreme. Cu exceptia lui Dan Cristea, poate sunt singurul. Sa explic ce inseamna asta. Pe 9-10 decembrie a fost pentru prima oara cand am urcat noaptea cu gondola. De ce? Pentru ca am avut incredibila oportunitate sa ma antrenez alaturi de lotul de Cupa Europei a Austriei (a doua echipa a tarii).  Raiteralm, Super-G, partie inchisa, combinezon, timp, top! 4 manse in conditii de concurs. Poftim? 4 manse? Nu e prea putin? NU. E perfect.  Acesta este inca un lucru care l-am invatat acest sezon. Ce inseamna cu adevarat caliltate cand vine vorba de antrenamentul pe schiuri (una dintre lucrurile pentru care Romania este unde este in ziua de azi la schi alpin, voi reveni la acest subiect). Poate va intrebati ce mare lucru sa te antrenezi in asa conditii cu austriecii, toata lumea poate. GRESIT.  De obicei nimeni nu poate si asta e ideea. Daca nu faceam parte din echipa lui Hans aveam sansa porcului de Craciun J. Sa dau un exemplu mai pe intelesul tuturor, ca sa ilustrez ce inseamna asta. Joci la Steaua Bucuresti, te antrenezi cu FC Barcelona. Oportunitatile incredibile care imi apar in cale (calea schiurilor) imi ridica moralul si imi dau incredere in mine. Timpii care i-am obtinut in aceste antrenamente in comparatie cu cei mai buni ai Autriei sunt foarte imbucuratori. Semn ca am inceput pe un drum foarte bun.  Am cautat un drum, l-am ales pe acesta. Ideal. Tot ce ramane de facut acuma este sa ascult cuvintele ce provin din imnul clubului mei de fotbal preferat, si sa fac ce spun ele. Walk on…and You’ll Never Walk Alone.


        Confession time. When I choose mister Hans Frick to be my coach I did not know who he was, what he has done, what he can do. I said to myself he is a good guy and I should give it a go. So I found out in the last 2 months and a half all I wanted to know about him. I bow my head to him and say I could have not make a better decision. For sure, by far. He is a very passionate man about skiing and is interested about getting results, making something out of nothing. Take me for instance. What top Austrian coach would take a 23 year old Romanian guy who has no skiing technique whatsoever and knows less about true skiing than a Austrian 15 year old, to try to get with him one day in the World Cup?  With money not important? I cannot stress this enough. How extremely lucky I am Hans and Georg accepted me into their team and offer me conditions I am sure no Romanian had in a really long time. Except Dan Cristea, maybe not ever. For instance take the days of 9-10 December. First time in my life I got up the mountain at night. I was in the gondola and it was night outside. Why, you ask? Because I had the immense privilege to be training alongside the Austrian European Cup team (second team of Austria) in a Super-G course in beautiful Raiteralm. Closed slope, timing, race suit, the works! Four runs in this course, that’s it. Just four runs you are asking? That’s another thing. I have finally understood what quality training means (one of the things because countries like Romania is where it is in the world of skiing, but more on that later). Some of you are probably wondering what’s the big deal training like this, same conditions as the Austrians. Anyone can do it. WRONG. Almost nobody can do it and that’s the point. If I would not have Hans as a coach I could never get even close to them. Let me give you an example of what I mean in football terms. You play for Steaua Bucharest, you train with FC Barcelona. The immense opportunities appearing right before my skis boast my confidence an awful lot. The times I did in these trainings compared to the best in Austria is also a very good sign of a very good path I started to walk on. I’ve been looking for it, I’ve got on it hoping it is the good one. What do you know…it is better than that. Now it is truly the time to embrace that famous saying of my favorite football club. Walk on…and You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Race in Tignes. Or not...

     The weather conditions around Europe are not the best in November. And for the speed disciplines in alpine skiing that can be a real impediment. Normally I should have had 2 races by now. Raiteralm (AUT) European Cup and Tignes (FRA) FIS race. Due to the bad conditions Raiteralm was first postponed and then cancelled. In France it was a different story but the outcome was the same.  We got to France, the race started and after the first 24 racers it was stopped. The organizers did their best to make it happen but fog is one of the things they cannot control. To sum up I visited France for 2 days. The only positives of the trip was that I got to meet my colleagues from the Olympic Team, Ania Caill and Alexandru Barbu. Next race: Val Gardena (ita) 2-3 December.

     Conditiile meteorologice in Noiembrie nu sunt cele mai bune in Europa. Iar pentru ce inseamna probele de viteza ale schiului alpin pot fi un adevarat impediment. In mod normal pana la aceasta data trebuia sa am deja 2 curse in picioare. Raiteralm (AUT) Cupa Europei si Tignes (FRA) FIS. Raiteralm a fost amanat apoi intr-un final anulat, iar cu Tignes alta poveste aceasi deznodamant. Am ajuns pana in Franta, a inceput concursul, dar dupa 24 de numere a fost oprit din cauza cetii la nivelul inferior al cursei. Organizatorii s-au straduit din rasputer insa ceata nu a disparut si intr-un final a fost anulata si aceasta cursa. In concluzie am fost in excursie pana in Franta, singurul lucru pozitiv fiind acela ca mi-am intalnit colegii din Lotul Olimpic de Schi Alpin, Ania Caill si Alexandru Barbu. Urmatorul concurs: 2-3 decembrie, Val Gardena (ITA).